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Banks Journal

3x Conversions

115% Increase in Conversions from Social

The Problem:

When Banks Journal needed to successfully launch their exclusive new women’s collection, they sought a marketing strategy that would effectively connect with their social media audience and drive conversions.

Because they had not previously sold women’s clothing, they did not have a female audience to market to and their ad, which led to a collection’s page, was getting clicks but not conversions.

What We Did:

Created a landing page for the women's collection that capitalized on social proof and influencer assets that mirrored the creative and messaging from the ad. Our AI tested 15 versions with variations in heroes and layout in 6 weeks.


62% Increase in Conversions

129% Increase in Sessions from Social Referrals

The Problem:

Bellzi wanted to connect with its audience on a deeper level and increase repeat customer rates.

Their ads redirected to collection pages that didn't focus on the "story" of their products. Audiences weren't connecting with the brand and were disappointed after clicking on ads, leading to high bounce rates and money wasted on clicks.

What We Did:

Created a story-centric landing page that was aesthetically consistent with the add and included social proof to add authenticity to the customer experience. Our AI tested 10 versions with variations in social proof, images, and layout in 4 weeks.

Espin Bikes

120% ROI

34% Increase Add to Cart

44% Decrease in Cost per Conversion

The Problem:

Espin needed to find new audiences to diffentiate themselves in a saturated market. They discovered a large number of seniors were clicking on their ads and spending time on the site but not converting.

Their site's images and content was targeting young professionals, which aliented seniors. Seniors did not see themselves in any imagery and found the site confusing.

What We Did:

Created a landing page that includes senior models, larger text, and easy to navigate product information. Our AI tested 20 versions with variations in layout, content, colors, and social proof in 5 weeks.