Complimentary Wagyu Platter Every Visit

Two Free Chef Curated Tasting Menus Annually (exclusive gourmet doesn’t sound right here)

10% Off your bill (Group celebrations may be interpreted as “discounts only valid for special occasions)

Private Concierge, Skip the line (sounds fancier)

Exclusive Invitations to special events - Be the first to try our newest selections

Join a global community of food enthusiasts

How Membership Works:
What are the Perks?

By becoming an NFT holder and a valuable member of our community, you’ll enjoy complimentary food and beverages every time you dine with us for the entirety of your life (or until you choose to sell the NFT). Each NFT is exclusively registered to a single person at any given time, granting the holder the privilege to enjoy its associated benefits across ALL our existing locations, as well as any upcoming ones. Each NFT has a surprise character, from a set of 100, to be redeemed during your meal.

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$23 EACH


Membership benefits:

  • Free Dish with Each Meal Based on Unique Character(s)
  • Free 1st Round of Drinks per Table
  • Free Dessert or Appetizer per Table
  • Priority Reservation
  • Access to Private Events*
  • Access to Digital Community
  • 1:500 Chance of Winning a Black Tier
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Membership benefits:

  • All of Silver's and Gold's Perks
  • Unlimited Lifetime Tasting Menu for Black Card Holder
  • 20% Discount on Entire Bill for GroupLearn more
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Masterpiece Dining Awaits

Embark on a culinary odyssey. From hot pot to barbeque, each location has a signature specialty using the finest ingredient, Each meal is a masterpiece, celebrating the art of fine dining.

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Indulge in chef-curated global dishes, personalized dining, and exclusive culinary events. Taste the richness of flavors exclusive to Gold Membership.

Culinary Excellence for Years to Come

With 8,888 NFT holders at its core, the Chubby Club will grow into a vast network of millions of members through our free rewards points program. Our expansion plans encompass a diverse range of concepts, with NFTs granting exclusive perks and higher point conversions at thousands of locations, all for a lifetime.

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— Globally-Inspired, Chef-Curated Dishes

— Tailored Dining Experiences

— Exclusive Access to Members-Only Culinary Events

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Zhao’s First Steps Into the Food and Beverage Industry

Chubby Group Founder David Zhao Shares How He Built a Nine-Figure Food and Beverage Conglomerate at 29

When asked about his transition to the F&B industry, Zhao remarked

“From what was intended as a sideline investment, I found myself deeply involved in the industry. Now, eight years later, our growth has been phenomenal, with 15 locations already operational and 25 more slated for next year. We are now expanding our culinary horizon to include a variety of global cuisines.”

David Zhao December 7, 2023

“experiential” was top of mind in 2023.

Experts Reflect on Bar and Restaurant Trends in 2023, Make Predictions for 2024

Experiential dining was at the forefront of everything we did in 2023

“We really leaned into Virgin’s vibrant DNA and elevated our standard dining periods with unique activations. Throughout the year, guests experienced burlesque brunches, local fashion pop-ups, art installations, and other themed events, such as our Beyonce brunch and happy hour when her tour was in town.”

Aaron Kiel December 7, 2023

The X Pot's David Zhao: Founding Partner of Chubby

From discussing what I initially mistook for an incredible gaming setup to opening up about shared childhood experiences, David graciously hopped on Zoom with us to share laughs.

What was the strategy behind your expansion plan?

“Our goal is to expand globally, starting in culturally diverse cities that are already familiar with East Asian cuisine. We began in Vegas, a hub for food and entertainment. Now, we're expanding to places like Seattle, Michigan, Atlanta, suburban areas of Chicago and Illinois, and Texas, tapping into the growing popularity of Asian and Latino foods in the US over the past decade.”

Jacob Chow and Drake Lim Dec 14, 2023

The x pot brings hot pot culture to the Las Vegas dining scene

Once you enter The X Pot, you’ll be transported to another world, a world where robotic servers roll up to your table, noodles dance and breezes bring the fragrance of broth to your nose.

The chef’s tasting menus may be the way to go, though.

“The restaurant (from the popular Chubby Cattle group) features high-end hot pot with a ton of ingredient choices, plus plenty of other items to keep you satisfied, and interactive 5D light shows. A few of the signature appetizers available are a seafood platter; king crab croquette; oysters, foie gras with caviar, and the distinctive black swan cake.”

Nina King December 8, 2023


Verified 5-star reviews

Have fun to everyone going today!
BOGO Wednesday is how I got the NFT; went the last Wednesday in April or May, got there at 5:50 and got seated at 8PMI mentioned how long I waited to my waiter who was Leo and he told me about the NFT and reservations. Best benefit of the NFT has to be the reservations imo

ankrehax, 04/18/23

So only a few will be Ala Carte. I do feel my money's worth at WH i felt like We get so much food and the local dc and NFTs really make a better experience especially the value

Westusa, 04/18/23

I recently joined Chubby Club NFT program in October 2023 and I will be honest here, thinking of spending over 1k for a gold card, for something I have zero understanding of, which is NFT in general was not easy. The website had useful information but more so a link to discord, which is a free program that brought me to a very large group of interesting individuals. They were so helpful and informative on this program, that so many of my questions were answered and in no time I was able to experience the VIP room at their restaurant Chubby Cattle Monterey Park. That single night had me make new friends, around amazing food, and the rest is history. It is not easy but the return and perks you get with these cards are an understatement. Anyone who loves yakiniku, shabu, great food in general will have zero regrets joining this amazing community.

QRFAlpha, 04/18/23

Also a good amount of people already broke even on savings with the cost of a gold NFT. Especially for regulars

jasper, 04/18/23

Most definitely, thank you for having us, I had an extensive conversation with the chef and staff after my meal regarding thoughts and feedback about the experience.
This was the first time I had taken advantage of the NFT perks, and we were highly satisfied.
I'll leave a review on both yelp and Google and I look forward to future events

Andrew, 04/18/23

Ok I went to the Monterey Park location and was blown away by the food. That it made me want to become a member and finally get my 1st NFT. I'm poor so I can only afford the silver but I hope to get the most out of it from all your tips and suggestions. I love eating and I'm so intrigued with what the future holds for chubby cattle.

rbotix08, 04/18/23

We went last night and luckily only had four of us so we could leave a giant gap on one side of the table where all the smoke went. Could not have had someone actually sitting there all meal....
Also the NFT reservation was a life saver. There were more people waiting outside than there were people inside. Huge perk for this location

jowakatima, 04/18/23