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Each audience needs tailored messaging. It's common knowledge that many consumers today feel brands fail to meet their online customer experience expectations. UX research helps bridge the gap between customer expectations and your current user experience or UX assumptions.

Speed up conversions by giving each customer the journey they need.

With the UX Study you understand how to:

  • Reach new audiences
  • Increase Sales
  • Achieve better ad efficiency

Proven Impact


Diverse Audience Engagement

Identification and targeting of up to 3 new customer segments.


Revenue Uplift

Achieve a 30% surge in revenue from new customers.


Cost Efficiency

Cut new customer acquisition costs by half.

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  • 1 Month Free Trial
  • 1 Free Persona Report ($Xk value)
  • All Enterprise Features for Life of Contract
  • Dedicated Account Manager will build and operate from start to finish
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    The Packages

    EngageAI Brings You QuizConvert

    Standard Convert Package

    Increase engagement and sales with AI quiz

    For Smaller Brands
    Outcome: Improved Customer Journey


    Monthly Increase Conversions
    • Homepage integration
    • AI quiz development to maximize conversion
    • One-time white glove setup and customization

    Convert Plus Pricing

    Get engage prospects with custom quiz and lead capture Sales from Existing Traffic

    For Brands who Want to Increase Conversion Rates


    Monthly Make Profits Skyrocket
    • Homepage and product page integration
    • AI triggered popups to prompt when mostly likely to subscribe
    • Interstitial results page generated by persona
    • Monthly Account Manager reporting and persona analyses

    Enterprise Pricing

    Full funnel personalization and persona development

    For Growth-Focused Brands who Want to Expand their Customer Base


    Monthly Optimize Audience Reach
    • Full site integration
    • Dynamic Quiz Generation Based on Persona Development and User Interviews
    • Generate Persona Targeted Email and SMS 
    • Build Custom Landing Page Interstitials to Match Persona 
    • Kylavio, Attentive, Google Analytics Integration
    • Dedicated Account Manager will build and operate from start to finish
    • 1 Quarterly Persona Report ($Xk value)
    ShopLandingAI delivers

    Customers Love ShopLandingAI 

    Thank you guys so much. This audience report was very insightful and very helpful. And I would say that that was certainly worth the cost.

    Jessica Moss

    Nation Ltd

    This is really interesting because we haven’t had this data in a really organized fashion. We did a little bit of guesswork, but we never built an actual persona for our audience. Now we know that, well, she's 50. She probably stays at home and her household income is pretty high, which allows the 50-year-old to stay home and focus on their health and spend money on health.
    eah, this is all very interesting data, and we certainly have a messaging challenge. I think we can hone in and over the next couple weeks or months unlock those key messages.

    Devin Simmons

    Dr. Morse's Herbal Health Club

    Thank you so much. A lot to think about a lot of work to do moving forward but it's a good sign that there's so much room to dig deeper and improve our audiences, and go further on every front.

    Nadim Makarem

    The Valari

    ShopLandingAI delivers

    We get results


    Decrease in cost per acquisition on paid promotions (Facebook & Instagram)


    Increase in add to carts from landing page vs product page


    Decrease in bounce rate for landing page


    Increase in return on ad spend after implementing a landing page

    Brands & agencies love ShopLandingAI

    I love working with the ShopLandingAI team - they are extremely responsive, and have gone above and beyond for me. I'm a data person so having their insights has been incredibly valuable. They are great data driven partners and helped me increase my conversions by over 10% in just a few weeks

    Mike Ye

    Founder/CEO, Project: Life

    The new landing pages from ShopLandingAI have been doing quite well. In the first 21 days, we have seen ROAS improve to 5.12.

    Josh Hendershott

    Founder/CEO, Pike Trail

    "We had a few hypotheses why our landing pages weren't converting as they should be. ShopLandingAI was able to test those theories, plus others to get us a 25% increase in revenue"

    Steven Wang

    Founder, Meison

    "ShopLandingAI's prowess in creating an immersive landing page propelled our debut women's collection to new heights. The results were astonishing: a threefold surge in conversions, massive traffic influx, and a substantial boost in our brand visibility and engagement."

    Motoo Noda

    Co-Founder & CFO, Banks Journal

    "Now, after working with ShopLandingAI, every decision in the company is based on data - what we know the customers want. They will make you not leave money on the table"

    Daniela Vianna

    CEO, Ephemeris

    "ShopLandingAI doesn't just build landing pages; they enable us as an agency to work more effectively for our clients. Without having to wait for the clients to build new product and collections pages, we can deploy highly targeted, data-driven campaigns faster and at scale. They're a game-changing partner for any serious digital marketing agency."

    Ken Kao

    RevEngine Digital Marketing

    "Landing pages are often overlooked in digital marketing. Companies spend big on ads and social campaigns only to direct traffic to a generic page, diluting the potential for conversion. ShopLandingAI bridges that critical gap. They not only design landing pages that are laser-focused on specific campaigns but also enable clients to use A/B testing to optimize their performance. This is a central piece to my client's conversion strategies"

    Brenda Ton

    BT LLC

    Frequently asked questions

    What is ConvertQuiz?

    ConvertQuiz is an AI-powered quiz and personalization platform for Shopify. It increases shopper engagement and gathers first party customer data to help brands understand their customers and drive more sales.

    How does ConvertQuiz work?

    ConvertQuiz analyzes the behavior of visitors to your store. Based on where they spend time, what they look at, and where they go, ConvertQuiz generates a quiz that is mostly to engage that shopper.

    ConvertQuiz uses the response data to develop customer personas from your store that predict the behavior of future shoppers. As more visitors visit the page, ConvertQuiz becomes smarter, asks better questions and ultimately recommending products that drive higher sales.

    How does the content for the games get generated ?

    ConvertQuiz starts by analyzing your site heatmaps, customer reviews, and social media. Initial questions are generated based on this analysis that clients can edit.

    As more visitors engage with the game, ConvertQuiz is able to begin predicting what persona a user falls into, allowing more fine grained questions to be generated and richer data to be collected.

    Convertquiz is constantly learning and improving the quality of the questions it asks based on how shoppers react and the analytics of their behavior.

    What other apps does ConvertQuiz integrate with?

    Convertquiz integrates natively with Shopify, Klaviyo, and Attentive to subscribe users to your lists and automatically segments them based on their customer persona.

    We will be releasing an API that allows third party apps to access all the contextual and persona data that we have about a customer. This will allow deeper personalization and coordination across th customer journey

    How can QuizConvert be integrated?

    QuizConvert can be integrated as a section of the page, a widget on the side of the screen, or as a pop up. As QuizConvert learns more about your audience’s preferences, it will automatically show the best module to drive engagement.

    Does QuizConvert have customer support?

    Yes! You will be assigned a customer service representative that is available to answer questions and help review your data.

    How long does it take to set everything up?

    With our white-glove setup service at no extra cost, the QuizConvert team can have you set-up in a half-hour call. We just need access to your platform ahead of time and most of the time spent will be review and editing the content that our platform has created.

    What’s the biggest impact of having a landing page? 

    The immediate impact of a ShopLandingAI page is a decrease in bounce rate and increase in session time from new prospects. When prospects find what they were expecting when they clicked on the ad, they are more likely to engage with your brand. With this deeper engagement, we then see conversions start to climb due to the focus and curation that the page provides.

    Where could I use a landing page? 

    ShopLandingAI pages are most effective against a discrete audience. This often means a specific ad campaign that targets a specific audience. At any stage in the funnel, if there is information or incentives that will help that audience, landing pages are the best way to build that rich customer experience.

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