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Why Your Gains are Stalling?

When your grip is weak, you can’t workout to failure. You’re robbing yourself of gains.

The Solution? 

Workout with Jerkfit's Death Grips

 Reduce your grip fatigue

Hit ALL your Reps

Don't take our word for it! 

Jerkfit helped this Vet crush his personal record.


Mastering the Death Grips

Death Grips are easy

Simple and Effective: Death grips outperform straps and are your ticket to more focused workouts.

  • Easy to Use

  • Improves Workout

  • Very Grippy


Here are 6 Grip Exercises

 To Keep You Going

Plate Pinches

Improve grip by squeezing weight plates together. Increase weight and duration progressively.

Farmer's Walks

Walk holding heavy weights to enhance grip, core, and upper body strength.

Kettlebell Swings

Engage your posterior chain and challenge your grip with swinging motions.

Towel Pull-Ups

A challenging pull-up variant using a towel for enhanced grip strength.

Climbing Exercises

Rock climbing or bouldering for diverse grip strength training.

Hand Grippers

Handy tools available in different resistances to hone grip strength.

Reduce grip fatigue

Death Grips help you focus on lifting rather than being held back by grip fatigue. 

Train grip strength separately

Focusing on your grip is an essential step in meeting your goals. 

Use Death Grips to get all your reps

Death Grips are the right tool for you to meet your goals.

Increase overall strength and reduce plateauing

Achieve desired results without stalls. 

But don’t ignore your grip! 

Did you know?

Recent research indicates grip strength relates directly to overall health, injury risk, and even mental health conditions. Consistent grip strength contributes to healthier aging and a stronger physique.

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