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UNpaper® Towels

Made from soft, absorbent flannel fabric, these towels can be 

used for cleaning up spills, wiping down counters, or even as 

napkins at mealtime.


UNpaper® Towels

If you're looking for a sustainable, stylish, and practical way to reduce your household waste, UNpaper® Towels from Marley's Monsters are the perfect choice.

UNpaper® Towels Refill Pack: Prints

Our bold and graphic prints add a little fun 

to your daily household chores.

UNpaper® Towels: Specialty Color Mixes

Swapping disposable paper towels for 

reusable UNpaper® Towels is easier than 

ever, with these nature inspired color combo rolls.


Wash before use. After they've been washed, simply stack them up 

and re-roll one at a time. Collect the dirties in a bin or Wet Bag. 

Machine wash hot with like colors. Tumble dry low. Use non-chlorine bleach. Low iron as needed.


Kitchen & Dining

Dining is one of the great pleasures of life, and Marley's Monsters makes 

this everyday experience sustainable.


Bath & Beauty

Marley's Monsters offers a variety of bath and beauty products 

including Washcloths, Organic Soap Saver Poufs, Reusable Facial 

Rounds, and even shampoo bars.

UNpaper® Towel Holder

This wooden Holder is custom designed to 

store rolled 

UNpaper® Towels 

with ease. 

Headphone Holder

Headphone Case

UNpaper® Caddy

Headphone Holder

Headphone Case

This UNpaper® Caddy is custom designed to store folded 

UNpaper® Towels with ease. 

UNpaper® Bug: Drying Rack

Meet the UNpaper® 

Bug! Our unique 

drying rack is 100% 

wood and provides a 

fun & functional way

to dry and show off 

your UNpaper® 

Towels and other 


Headphone Holder

Headphone Case

Frequently asked questions

Product Info

Where are your eco-goods made?

Our handmade fabric and wood products are made in Eugene, Oregon, USA. All products are made with domestic and imported materials. We also carry third party products to 

provide a range of complimentary eco-goods to help you live a sustainable lifestyle. We 

carefully source these products from vendors that have values that align with ours and 

are sustainably focused.

What materials are your products made with?

How absorbent is your cotton fabric? I.e. UNpaper® Towels/Facial 

Rounds/Cloth Wipes/etc

How do I wash/care for my cloth reusables?

What’s the difference between UNpaper® Towels and Cloth Wipes/Cloth Napkins?

My UNpaper® Towels are pilling, is that normal?

What if the colors/prints I ordered don’t look exactly like the listing 



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