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Unleash Your Inner Pop Star!

Welcome to Pop! Yourself online. In a world full of Pop! abilities, Funko now offers the opportunity to create online custom collectibles and order them right to your door.

  • Customized collectible for only $30

    Express yourself with ease thanks to the online builder

    Get your personalized Pop! fast with quick shipping

  • -Customized collectible for only $30

    -Express yourself with ease thanks to the online builder

    -Get your personalized Pop! fast with quick shipping

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"Let a more democratic era of Pop culture begin"

Your Fandom from Your Perspective

Imagine stepping into the shoes of your favorite icons from the world of pop culture. Get the thrill of becoming a Funko Pop! figure, joining the ranks of your beloved fandoms. 

Customization Galore

You can craft your Funko Pop! figure down to the smallest detail. The possibilities are virtually limitless, allowing you to create a Pop! that truly reflects your individuality.

Personalized Packaging

Your name on the front, a space for a personalized note on the back. Makes for a perfect gift for a special person, or a treat for yourself. 

As Many Possibilities as People, #PopYourself

Transform Yourself into Collectible Artistry – Welcome to the Pop! Yourself Experience!

Your Funko Pop, Your Way

Personalize Every Detail

With our customization tool, you're in control of every aspect of your Funko Pop's appearance. From choosing the perfect hairstyle to matching your skin tone and crafting the ideal outfit, you can fine-tune every detail. It's your chance to create a Funko Pop that's unmistakably you, down to the last feature.

Buddy Up with Your Funko Pop

Whether it's a sidekick, a best friend, or even a beloved pet, bring your imagination to life and make your Funko Pop adventures twice as exciting.

How does Pop! Yourself work?

The new and improved Pop! Yourself experience costs $30, which includes the custom figure and personalized box. Buddies are an additional $4 and will be placed in the box with the built figure. *Limit 2 per figure, at present.  

Pop! Protectors are optional and can be purchased for $8. 

FREE Shipping on Orders of 65+

Crafting Your Unique Funko Pop is a Breeze

Experience the simplicity and endless creativity of our Funko Pop customization tool. Transform your figures into unique masterpieces with ease and explore a multitude of customization options that cater to your imagination's every whim. Personalize, create, and enjoy the process – it's all at your fingertips!

FREE Shipping on Orders of 65+

How does Pop! Yourself work?

How much does it cost? 

How long will it take to build and ship?

Can I download, share, and save my avatar?

FREE Shipping on Orders of 65+

Elevate Your Collection with Your Personal Pop

Express Your Unique Style

With customization, you have the power to bring your personality to life through your Funko Pops. Whether it's recreating your favorite characters with a personal twist or designing entirely new figures, customization allows you to showcase your distinctive style and tastes.

Unlimited Creativity

The possibilities are endless when it comes to customization. From choosing colors, accessories, and poses to adding intricate details, you can let your creativity run wild. It's the ultimate platform for turning your wildest ideas into tangible collectibles.

One-of-a-Kind Collectibles

Customized Funko Pops are not just figures; they're unique pieces of art. When you create your custom figures, you're adding exclusive collectibles to your stash. Stand out from the crowd with figures that no one else owns, making your collection truly special.

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