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Your potential customers expert your brand to be relevant to their life - it can make them buy or bounce.  ShopLandingAI engages your visitors with interactive content that draws visitors in.  By making shopping fun, Shoplanding can connect with shoppers, learn more about their preferences, and provide them with the customer journey that delights and converts them. 

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Our products help you grow your business

Gamified Experiences

Leverage customer data to develop engageing shopping exeriences

Personalized Customer Journeys

Give customers exacty what they need to convert

Persona Development

Make your data go further by getting insight into your cstomers

Games that Convert

Gamification for E-Commerce

Case studies

Pike Trail

Outdoor hiking goods company with great product and very poor conversions from ads


Session Engagement


Increase in ROAS

Project: Life

Fertility company with 40 years of experience and 75% success rate but very poor conversions


Deeper scroll depth


Increase in Conversions


Espin sought to expand to new audiences but didn't know how. ShopLandingAI analyzed the market and helped bring in seniors--vastly expanding their reach.


Increase in conversion rate (a user landing on the site and checking out)


Decrease in cost of customer acquisition, while also lowering the time to purchase.

Walkee Paws

Dog shoe company with great product and


Decrease in Bounce Rate


Increase in ATC

Hi Fi Centre

High-end audio equipment company with great products. They had stopped running ads because the ROAS wasn’t profitable.


Session Engagement


Increase in ROAS

Pyramid Putters

Golf company with great product and very poor conversions from ads


Session Engagement


Increase in Conversion Rates


Construction company with great product and very poor conversions from ads.


Session Engagement


Increase in Conversion Rate

My PadL

Paddle ball accessory company has a niche product and poor conversions from ads.


Session Engagement


Increase in Conversion Rate


Company with a product aimed at construction professionals had 40% consumers who identified as hobbyists and female.


Session Engagement


Increase in ROAS

The Packages

The ShopLandingAI Solution

Pagebuilder Pro

Provide a Better Customer Journey

For Smaller Brands
Outcome: Improved Customer Journey

One-Time Purchase Increase Conversions
  • 1 Custom Built Landing Pages 

Conversion Complete

Get More Sales from Existing Traffic

For Brands Who Want to Improve Conversion Rates
Outcome: Improved Conversion Rate by 30%

for 3 Month Project Make Profits Skyrocket
  • 3 Custom Built Landing Pages 
  • Three Months of A/B Testing
  • Unlimited new iterations of pages created during test period using AI hypothesis analysis and development  (every 1,000 visitors)

Audience Architect

Discover High-Converting Audience Segments & Get More Sales from New and Existing Traffic

For Growth-Focused Brands who Want to Expand their Customer Base
Outcome: New audiences to expand to with potential to be 25% of sales

for 3 Month Project Optimize Audience Reach
  • 5 Custom Built Landing pages
  • Three Months of A/B Testing 
  • Unlimited new iterations of pages created during test period using AI hypothesis analysis and development  (every 1,000 visitors)
  • Get AI-powered analysis of customer data to discover new, valuable audience groups.
  • Benefit from UX researcher-led interviews for deeper insights into audience segments, aiding in the creation of effective marketing strategies.
  • Enjoy tailored messaging for identified audience segments to dramatically improve engagement and conversions.

ShopLandingAI is trusted by agencies and brands alike

We are supported by the following investors who were also early in Shopify, Pinterest, Airbnb, and Dashlane

Frequently asked questions

What is PlayAbly?

PlayAbly is an AI-powered quiz and personalization platform for Shopify. It increases shopper engagement and gathers first party customer data to help brands understand their customers and drive more sales.

How does PlayAbly work?

PlayAbly analyzes the behavior of visitors to your store. Based on where they spend time, what they look at, and where they go, PlayAbly generates a quiz that is mostly to engage that shopper. PlayAbly uses the response data to develop customer personas from your store that predict the behavior of future shoppers. As more visitors visit the page, PlayAbly becomes smarter, asks better questions and ultimately recommending products that drive higher sales.

How does the content for the games get generated?

PlayAbly starts by analyzing your site heatmaps, customer reviews, and social media. Initial questions are generated based on this analysis that clients can edit. As more visitors engage with the game, PlayAbly is able to begin predicting what persona a user falls into, allowing more fine grained questions to be generated and richer data to be collected. PlayAbly is constantly learning and improving the quality of the questions it asks based on how shoppers react and the analytics of their behavior.

What other apps does PlayAbly integrate with?

PlayAbly integrates natively with Shopify, Klaviyo, and Attentive to subscribe users to your lists and automatically segments them based on their customer persona. We will be releasing an API that allows third party apps to access all the contextual and persona data that we have about a customer. This will allow deeper personalization and coordination across the customer journey

Does PlayAbly have customer support?

Yes! You will be assigned a customer service representative that is available to answer questions and help review your data.

How long does it take to set everything up?

With our white-glove setup service at no extra cost, the PlayAbly team can have you set-up in a half-hour call. We just need access to your platform ahead of time and most of the time spent will be review and editing the content that our platform has created.

How do we get started?

By simply completing the onboarding form. Once we receive your form, we’ll review the information provided, and schedule the onboarding meeting with you and your team.

Is the pricing per page, campaign, or monthly?

For the Pagebuilder Pro tier, the pricing is per page. Because this tier does not include testing and only the page creation, the page is typically delivered within 1-2 weeks depending on revisions, as long as we have all the collateral needed to create the page.

For Conversion Complete, the pricing is also per page with optimization. We'll test for up to two months or 50,000 visitors, and use the results to create the ideal page.

Why do I need a landing page? Why wouldn't I just make my homepage like a landing page?

Home pages, product pages, and collection pages serve many different purposes. As a result, they can not speak to a specific audience or intent. Landing pages are built for a single audience and goal. It’s the best way to ensure every prospect has a direct and personal journey to conversion.

How do I know if I should buy a page?

A landing page is great for every business that decrease bounce rate and increase sales. For smaller businesses, Page Builder Pro is the place to start. If you spend over $10,000 per month in paid traffic, you're a candidate for Conversion Complete! If you sell a high AOV product, a product with a high barrier to entry, or you're creating a new category, you'll greatly benefit from more focused landing pages.

How quickly will you get it done?

Once we receive all of you assets, and access to Shopify, GA and Facebook, your first landing page should be ready within 1-2 weeks.

What do you need from my end? 

In order to make your personalized landing pages, we’ll need as much information regarding your brand as possible, including:

  • Brand book
  • Creative Assets (images, videos, gifs, UGC)
  • Biggest pains points
  • Biggest Brand/Marketing goals

How long does onboarding take? 

After you make the purchase, we'll send you the onboarding form together with instructions on how to set up your Unbounce account, in case you don't have one. Once you submit the onboarding form, we'll arrange a 30 min call and after that, we are ready to go.

What’s the biggest impact of having a landing page? 

The immediate impact of a ShopLandingAI page is a decrease in bounce rate and increase in session time from new prospects. When prospects find what they were expecting when they clicked on the ad, they are more likely to engage with your brand. With this deeper engagement, we then see conversions start to climb due to the focus and curation that the page provides.

Where could I use a landing page? 

ShopLandingAI pages are most effective against a discrete audience. This often means a specific ad campaign that targets a specific audience. At any stage in the funnel, if there is information or incentives that will help that audience, landing pages are the best way to build that rich customer experience.

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