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Engaged shoppers are the key to winning.  Gamification built for brands that care about providing a great shopping experience.

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Increase in conversions


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Increase in LTV

Why Playably? We make your data profitable

Engaged visitors are more likely to become customers

At ShopLandingAI we use your brand data to determine the best games for your customers.  Interaction brings people into your brand.  Making the experience fun means they’ll spend more time learning about you and your products. 

PlayAbly is a Conversion Machine

Gamify your Shopping Experience and Watch Your Sales Grow

Interactive content makes shopping fun and engaging.

Engaged visitors are more likely to become long-term customers

Making the experience fun means they’ll spend more time learning about you and your products. 

Games reveal a visitor’s personality and nature

We dynamically insert questions that help us understand your visitors and to form customer personas for data driven personalization.

We do all the work

Get AI-powered analysis of customer data to discover new, valuable audience groups.

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Our products help you grow your business

Gamified Experiences

Leverage customer data to develop engageing shopping exeriences

Personalized Customer Journeys

Give customers exacty what they need to convert

Persona Development

Make your data go further by getting insight into your cstomers

Why PlayAbly? We make your data profitable.

Playably was founded by veterans of the gaming and ecommerce marketing industries, ​combing deep technical know-how with creative acumen and insights into human ​behavior.

Game developers don’t know ecommerce, ecommerce marketers don’t know what to do ​with data, data experts can’t create personalized gamification. We do all three.

Key investors include Intel Capital, Y Combinator, and Firstmark Capital.

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Games that Convert

Gamification for E-Commerce

How It Works

Playably does all the work while you enjoy the rewards

Step 1: Engage

PlayAbly Transforms Your Data into a Game

The game captures first-party data while also make customers feel more connected to your brand message.

Step 2: Analyze

Our Proprietary AI Analyzes the Data to Develop Personas

Our AI analyzes the collected data to create accurate customer personas. These personas help in understanding different audience types and their specific needs.

Step 3: Personalize and Convert

We deploy personalized landing pages based on the personas.

These pages are tailored to each persona’s specific preferences, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

What Can PlayAbly Do for Your Brand

Playably is the best solution for ​ecommerce.

Playably’s gamified assets help us ​identify our traffic into personas so we ​know how to sell to them and then builds ​the funnel that converts them.

Steven Wang


PlayAbly was an amazing solution to our broken sizes. We increased conversions by 3X.

Eric Johnsson