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Fabric material

Organic cotton: Clean, crisp organic cotton is tightly woven into a substantial, 300-thread count percale, creating a smooth and breathable classic for the bed that wears exceptionally well with time. Contrary to the sheen of sateen, percale features a cooler feel that keeps warm sleepers comfortable in any climate, creating better air flow for those who are looking to avoid the discomfort of hot, humid nights.

What are the benefits of using cotton? 

  • Organic cotton is ideal for sensitive skin, or even people with atopic skin.
  • 100% organic cotton is grown and woven in India
  • 100% organic and toxic-free fabric
  • Cotton is breathable. It keeps skin dry by absorbing moisture and expelling body heat.
  • It does not generate static electricity unlike synthetic fibres.
  • Another of its advantages is that its maintenance is simple.
    organic cotton is that it is respectful with the environment, by reducing water consumption in agriculture.

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Organically Grown

Our cotton is certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) because it is the highest standard in the world. Every step of the supply chain must be independently certified, from sowing through sewing, and all the way to your door. Our GOTS certified cotton products cut toxic chemicals out of the equation, keeping workers safe and bringing out the natural comfort of every yarn, weave, and finish we select.

Buyback & Resell

Every year, millions of pieces of secondhand bedding go to waste. That’s why we’re buying back your used GEM bedding, to give blankets and pillows as many lives as possible.


With Buyback & Resell, you sell us used GEM bedding you don’t need in a safe, streamlined way year-round. You’ll get GEM in-store credit to refresh your bed. We will recycle, and renew your old bedding, and sell it for a low price. It’s one little action that can have a big impact on your wallet and the planet.


What your used bedding is worth will vary, but you’ll get more in-store credit for pieces that are in better condition or like-new.

Bedding & Linen CLeaning

Our machines get hotter than at-home models, which helps kill viruses or germs living in your bedsheets and blankets. And, don’t forget to send us your comforters and feather pillows, which can harbor germs, dust, and bacteria. To clean your feather pillow, we’ll cut open the ticking and clean and sterilize all the feathers in a special machine. Upon your request, we’ll add down, and finally blow it all into a 100% new cotton ticking for you. Send your bedding to Dependable Cleaners, and sleep easy.


Note: Free laundry only for products purchased in the store (free period within 1 year from date of purchase on invoice)

Ingredients In Bedding

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