Revolutionize Your Putting Game 

with  the 

New Pyramid iCOR Putter

Unmatched Accuracy, Consistency, & Confidence on the Greens

85% of Golfers Said The Self-correcting Feature Transformed Their Game

"Your ball will not skid or bounce offline"

"I saw immediate gains"

"This Putter’s So Pure It Should Be Illegal!”

Knock Strokes off your Scores

The Pyramid Putter boasts several innovative features that enhance your putting performance:

  • Gear Effect Grooved Insert: Made from aircraft-grade aluminum with horizontal grooves for topspin and diagonal grooves for correcting mis-hits

  • iCOR Speed Correcting Compound: Our special heel and toe reduces energy loss on mis-hits

  • Stability Weighting: The putter is about 50 grams more than the average putter, promoting a steadier stroke and reducing the influence of small muscles

  • Eye-Line Milled Alignment Guide: Pyramid-shaped grooves on the top line assist in aligning eyes directly over the ball for better accuracy

  • No-Taper Grip with Silicone Texture: Uniform grip diameter and silicone texture maintain consistent hand pressure and limit wrist movement for a smooth stroke.

Up your Putting Game Today
Enhances accuracy, distance control, and putting confidence for all golfers. 

Up your Putting Game Today

Patented Groove Technology

The Pyramid iCOR features patented "Limited Dispersion Grooves" in its aluminum insert, with horizontal and diagonal grooves. These grooves correct off-center strikes by imparting sidespin for on-target putts and topspin for a consistent roll. 

Speed Correcting Compound

A proprietary compound is injected into the putter's head to increase the Coefficient of Restitution (COR) across the face, effectively creating a larger sweet spot and maintaining distance on miss-hits.

 Elevate Your Putting Game 

with Unparalleled Control and Accuracy

With an assist from highly regarded club designer Josh Boggs, winner of multiple Golf Digest “Hot List” Awards, Stephens identified three key areas:

  1. Distance control
  2. Stability
  3. Feel & sound

Then they put their heads together and came up with ways to perfect the Pyramid Putter in those departments – without sacrificing its line-hugging precision.


The final product is the putter that generated such a buzz among the test group, earning comments like…

“Extraordinary,” “phenomenal” and “un-(bleeping)-believable.”

Make the ICOR Pyramid Putter Your Secret Weapon

Improved Performance

Consistently outperform previous scores regardless of handicap levels.

Uncanny Accuracy

Thanks to its innovative grooves and correcting sidespin technology.

Superior Distance Control

Reduce the likelihood of coming up short on longer putts.


Easy Alignment

Easy alignment significantly improves aim and reduces putting errors.


Increased Stability

Provides a steadier and smoother stroke path.


35% Closer to Hole using the Pyramid!

Benefits of the Pyramid iCOR Putter:

  • Improved Putting Performance: Golfers experienced better results from every distance on the green
  • Increased One-Putts: The iCOR putter led to more than double the number of one-putts compared to their own putters
  • Closer to the Hole: On average, golfers were 35% closer to the hole when using the Pyramid iCOR Putter
  • Forgiving Design: Golfers found the iCOR to be a forgiving putter, boosting their confidence and reducing errors on the green.

Be the Golfer You Dream of Being

The New Pyramid iCOR Putter offers golfers a host of compelling benefits. Firstly, it consistently leads to improved performance, enabling golfers of all handicaps to achieve more successful putts and ultimately enhancing their overall scores. What's particularly remarkable is its uncanny accuracy, even on mis-hit putts, thanks to innovative groove technology and side-spin correction. This results in golfers consistently finding their target with greater precision.

 Master Distance Control

Furthermore, the Pyramid iCOR Putter excels: 

  • Superior distance control for consistent putt lengths
  • Eye-Line Milled Alignment Guide for a precise aim
  • Weighting Stability for a steady putting stroke
  • No-taper grip with silicone texture for control and minimal wrist movement.

Satisfaction Guaranteed–Your Game Will Be Transformed

The Pyramid Putter is guaranteed to outperform your current putter, or your money back.

"As soon as you hit the ball, you realize there’s something magical going on."



Scott Kerbaugh, Test Golfer

"This new Pyramid iCOR is a very forgiving, very good putter. This is the putter I want to take home and win money with, beat my friend."

Joe Epps, 19 Handicap

"I’m in love with this putter."





Michael Croft, 12 Handicap

"The only putter that I've ever picked up the first time and fell in love with it and said, 'This is going to the green.'"

Martin Cowley, 19 Handicap



3 Sets of Grooves

iCOR Speed Correcting Compound

Stability Weighting

Eye-Line Milled Alignment Guide

No-Taper Grip with Silicone Texture

Enhanced accuracy, distance control, stability, and alignment, making you a stand out player



3 Sets of Grooves

iCOR Speed Correcting Compound

Stability Weighting

Eye-Line Milled Alignment Guide

No-Taper Grip with Silicone Texture

Enhanced accuracy, distance control, stability, and alignment, making you a stand out player.

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