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Get your kids off the couch and challenge their body and mind 🙌

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Active Made Easy

Staying active can be tough these days. Technology has become a huge part of our lives, whether it’s playing video games or doing homework online. 

We want to tip the scales back in favor of staying active and healthy. Having a Revbalance board in your living room is an easy way to do that year round!

Harness Balance

Sometimes it seems like kids have endless energy. They can have a full day of activities, and still be bursting at the seams. A Revbalance board will keep them moving and grooving at any time of day, even while they watch TV.

It's addicting. In a good way ;)

Boost Concentration

Keeping the mind and body engaged throughout the day can lead to concentration improvements in the classroom.

Train at home

Build a foundation for sports right in the living room. Better balance translates to improvements in almost every sport out there.

Adults can too

Sometimes the adults in the house end up having more fun than the kids. Dont say we didn't warn you ;)

Family Bragging Rights

There’s nothing better than a friendly family competition. Instead of that next mediocre Netflix show, turn your living room into an arena and make some family memories.

101 v2

Small Package, Plenty of Action.

A compact balance trainer that is the perfect addition to any living room.

+ Includes Board and Roller
+ Magnetic removable stops on base
+ Comfortable and durable grip top
+ Weight rating of 400+ lbs

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“Can’t keep the kids off of it, I get my time in on it before they wake up."

- Joshua  D. | Lansdowne PA

Over 75005-Star Reviews

“Kids live on it now!"

- Thaddeous T. | Nampa, ID

Handcrafted in the USA

Every detail matters. Each board is handcrafted by the talented Revbalance team, and backed up by our lifetime warranty.

Give the Gift of the Year: Grab 20% Off- While supplies last!

Included Digital User Guide:

• Full start guide for beginners

• Advanced tips and tricks

• Balance challenge library

• Workout & exercise videos