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Our AI identifies each potential customer bases and outlines the strategy to get them to purchase.  Just give us access to your Shopify, and we do all the work. 

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  • Reach new audiences
  • Increase sales
  • Achieve better ad efficiency
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ShopLandingAI is trusted by agencies and brands alike

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Proven Impact

Diverse Audience Engagement: Identification and targeting of up to 3 new customer segments.
Revenue Uplift: Achieve a 30% surge in revenue from new customers.
Cost Efficiency: Cut new customer acquisition costs by half.

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The Mudmixer Revolution


Session Engagement


Increase in Conversions

How We Transformed Their Data into Opportunities:

  • Challenge Insight: Identifying untapped market segments through in-depth data analysis.
  • Strategic Action: Crafting customized marketing initiatives aligned with discovered customer personas.
  • Remarkable Results: Significant growth in market reach and conversion rates.
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Decrease in cost per acquisition on paid promotions (Facebook & Instagram)


Increase in add to carts from landing page vs product page


Decrease in bounce rate for landing page


Increase in return on ad spend after implementing a landing page

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Data Successes

Competitive Edge with ShopLandingAI

Compare how ShopLanding stands out against traditional in-house teams, analytics tools, and agencies, highlighting:

  • Minimal internal resource requirement.
  • Expertise in data science and machine learning.
  • Comprehensive third-party data integration and advanced customer modeling.
  • Consistency in insights across numerous landing pages, ensuring a steady and predictable cost structure.

ShopLandingAI is trusted by agencies and brands alike

ShopLandingAI is trusted by agencies and brands alike

We are supported by the following investors 

who were also early in Shopify, Pinterest, Airbnb, and Dashlane

Brands & agencies love ShopLandingAI

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Persona Playbook?

Persona Playbook is a report ShopLandingAI generates to uncover hidden customer segments within your existing data. 

By combining your customer information with our expansive demographic and behavioral databases, we identify new, high-potential audiences likely to convert and a tailored plan for how to convert them.

How does the Persona Playbook work?

We only need access to your Shopify data.  We then enrich it with over 100 attributes from third-party sources and ShopLandingAI’s proprietary dataset. 

Our AI then analyzes this combined dataset to discover patterns and demographics, pinpointing new customer segments for targeted marketing efforts.

Who should use the Persona Playbook

Any brand looking to expand beyond its core customer, discover new customer bases, or increase its conversion rates will benefit from Persona Playbook. It's particularly valuable for businesses seeking data-driven insights to inform their marketing strategies which may have stalled out.

How do I see results from the Persona Playbook?

A full report gets built in one week.  For each persona, we provide data driven insights into market messages and strategies that will resonate with each group.  We provide specific recommendations that you can implement or optionally work with our ShopLanding services 

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ShopLandingAI turns clicks into conversions by removing friction and giving your customers what they're looking for. 

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