Step up Your Paw Protection

Upgrade to Boot Leggings for Paw Protection




Step up Your Paw Protection


As Seen on Shark Tank

 "They’ll prevent your pup’s paws from freezing."

Rated 4.9/5 by Verified Customers

"The rubber tread... protect paws from mud, snow, and salt."

"Our testers raved"

"This idea has legs"

"They’ll prevent your pup’s paws from freezing."

Rated 4.9/5 by Verified Customers

"The rubber tread... protect paws from mud, snow, and salt."

"Our testers raved"

Never Lose Another Shoe!

So easy to put on, and they stay on!


Traditional dog boots fall off and get lost. But thanks to Walkee Paws’ patented over-the-back design—where all four booties connect together—you’ll never lose a dog boot again! (And if you do, we’ll send you a FREE replacement pair!)

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Effortless to put on – you and your pup will nail it on the first attempt

Easy to Wear

Designed to Stay On




Why Choose Boot Leggings?

Walkee Paws: Elevate Your Walk, Enhance Your Dog's Comfort

Deluxe Boot Leggings

Regular Dog Shoes

Easier On

Comfier for pup

Protects leg fur too

Never lose a dog boot again

Machine washable

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Pup

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New M


Max Paw Width: 1.5" 

Max Dog Height: 11"

Max Paw Width: 1.5" 

Max Dog Height: 16"

Max Paw Width: 1.75" 

Max Dog Height: 18"

Max Paw Width: 2.25"

Max Dog Height: 21"

Max Paw Width: 2.5"

Max Dog Height: 25"

Max Paw Width: 2.75"

Max Dog Height: 30"

Should I size up or down?

As sizes get bigger, boot width increases by 1/4". If you're unsure whether to size up or down, the most important thing is to make sure the max height works. If your dog is between two sizes, pick the smaller boot for a tighter fit that stays in place (ideal for long, active walks), or pick the larger size if you want an easy-on-and-off fit (paw-fect for quick outings).

Need help?


Place paws on paper

Trick - lift up the one paw!

Mark the widest part

Draw a line one each side. Exclude fur.


The distance between the inside of the markings.


Measure height from floor to top of shoulder blade . Stirfry measures 2" and 18" he needs a size S/M.


Paws Protected


Happy Customers

1 Million

Walks Enjoyed

Why Boot Leggings Trump Shoes?

Versatile Leggings for Any Weather

Suited for all seasons, Walkee Paws' unique legging design provides superior protection from rain, snow, mud, icy sidewalks, harmful snowmelt chemicals, spring allergens, sizzling sidewalks, and more.

If you think it’s cold outside, your dog does, too! Whether your pup loves jumping around in the snow or not, it's important to protect your pooch.


In the winter months, you have to watch out for:

  • Dryness and cracking from dry weather
  • Frostbite from ice and snow
  • Slips and falls on slick sidewalks
  • Dangerous snow-melt chemicals

There are many hidden winter dangers, such as ice salt and snow-melt chemicals. Although certain breeds, like Huskies, tolerate cold and snow much better than short-haired breeds, even winter-loving pups can still be at risk due to chemical or salt exposure.

If you can't walk on a surface barefoot, neither should your dog! While hiking, you'll probably encounter a variety of terrains.


While your pet is wearing our protective leggings, you won't have to worry about:

  • Ticks and other creepy crawlers
  • Scrapes from rocks or rough surfaces
  • Losing traction on wet surfaces

Easy On, Stays Put Leggings

Comfy Canine Leggings

Leggings: Protecting Legs Too!

Snow? Leggings Shine!

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Rain or Shine, Cold or Heat- Walkee Paws Guarantees 4 Happy Feet

Ultimate Weather Protection for Your Pup


Cold, salt and chemicals


Dirt and germs 


Rain and mud


Foxtails and ticks 

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What are you waiting for?

 Get the Deluxe Boot Leggings today

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Unparalleled Paw Protection, Unmatched Quality!

Our leggings are crafted from high-quality,  4-way stretch, water-resistant spandex fabric, designed to move with your pup and stretch for the ulti-mutt fit.

No More Shoe Hassles

Dog shoes can be a hassle to put on and take off. Easy-on Dog Leggings are effortless to slip on and stay in place securely, giving your pup the freedom to play without any hindrance.

Stays Secure for Your Pup to Move & Easy to Stash

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Why Deluxe Easy-On Leggings are Paw-fect for Your Furry Friend

Comfy for Your Canine

Super soft and stretchy. Aren't tight around their ankles. Stretchy TPE material allows dogs to feel the ground when walking, giving them a sense of security. 

Tested and Trusted

We've collaborated with veterinarians and devoted dog owners to test and perfect our design over the last five years, ensuring that the leggings provide optimal protection and comfort.

Secure Fit Guarantee

Our patented over-the-back design allows for a snug yet comfortable fit, so your pup can move freely, safely, and confidently. 

Fashionable and Functional

With a wide array of colors and patterns, you can choose the paw-fect leggings to match your pup’s personality and change their look every day of the week. 

Protection Beyond Measure

Deluxe Boot Leggings offer comprehensive paw protection, guarding against hot pavements, rough terrains, allergens, and sharp objects. Your furry friend's paws deserve the best care! 

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning traditional dog shoes can be a chore. Deluxe Boot Leggings are machine washable, ensuring a hassle-free cleanup after every adventure.

Walkee Paws Protection vs No Paw Protection    

With Deluxe Leggings

Total Paw Protection

Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings provide the ulti-mutt barrier against harsh surfaces, extreme temps, sharp objects, and dangerous chemicals. They can prevent cuts, scrapes, burns, and infections—particularly in urban or rugged environments—and keep paws warm, cozy, and dry in the snow or rain. 

Allergen and Contaminant Shield

Molded TPE boots prevent your pup’s paws and legs from coming into contact with allergens, toxins, and debris, keeping them healthier and more comfortable. They also keep your canine from ingesting dangerous chemicals if they lick their paws post-walk. 

Traction and Stability

Walkee Paws Deluxe Leggings feature non-slip soles with grippies for traction on slippery surfaces, including wet and icy sidewalks. This enhances stability and reduces the risk of accidents or injuries, especially for senior dogs. 

Easy Clean-Up

Our rubber boots are easier to clean than furry paws, especially after muddy or wet adventures, which saves you time and energy. Just slip the leggings off, hang ‘em up, and leave dirt, germs, and bacteria at the door! 

Without Walkee Paws

Unsafe Feet

When your dog doesn’t wear paw-protecting booties, they can come into contact with all kinds of ruff stuff outside, from yucky mud and dirt to downright dangerous chemicals.

Germ-Filled Home

Your dog is exposed to all sorts of viruses and bacteria on their sidewalk strolls, including germs from feces and urine. Without dog boots to keep their paws covered, your dog brings these germs inside, putting you, your family, and your pup at risk for illnesses and infections.

Slippery and Unsafe

Roads and paths are often covered with hidden dangers like broken glass, tar, burrs, and snowmelt salt that can cut or irritate your canine’s paws when uncovered. There’s also potential for slips and falls on slick surfaces, leading to unnecessary trips to the vet. 

A Total Mess

Uncovered feet get filthy with mud, dirt, debris, and trash, meaning more clean-up time for you and a dreaded bath for your dog. 

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