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Give Your Senior Pup Total Security

Step into Comfort

Unveil Safety & Style with Indoor Leggings for Senior Dogs

Easy-on and Off

Keeps Paws from Slipping on Floors 

Machine Washable

Prevent your pup from slipping on wood or tile floors. Give them the security of traction again so they can wander around freely. No more carpets and yoga mats, just super-soft footed leggings so they can walk everywhere again.

Average 4.9/5 Rating

"This idea has legs"

"Our testers raved"

"Dog leggings exist and they are actually genius!"

So You Have One Less Wrinkle to Worry About

Avoid Costly Trips to the Vet

These leggings make life easier for your senior dog and you! How? 

  • Prevents paw licking

  • Prevents slipping

  • This means they don't have to wear a cone

  • Prevents injury and trips to the vet

  • Interconnected so you don't lose another sock

They've been there for you! 

Be there for them.   

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Make them Feel like A Puppy Again  

Walkee Paws 

Indoor Leggings

Dog Traction Socks

Stays on

Comfy to wear

Not tight around ankles

Machine washable

No Lost Socks in the Wash 

Find their Size

It's easy to find the perfect size. We have a simple chart that helps you find your dog's size based on their paw size and height. 

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Listen to Pups Regaining Their Confidence

Excellent Product

My 11 year old Mocha has struggled with rear joint/hip issues her entire life. Now she is older she loses traction on our tile floors. But I decided to go with walkee paws and am sure glad I did! She trust these socks and refuses to leave carpeted areas without them. 


Thanks for helping Cuddles

My 9 year old Maltipoo was having a brad time on our wooden floors and refused to walk. Walkee Paws gave her back her confidence’


See Them Happy Again

Teddy is a 10-year-old tiny Goldendoodle who is scared to walk on our floors . We had yoga mats all over the house before a friend told us about Walkee Paws. What a great invention - super easy to get on and they stay on. Teddy is now happy again!


So You Don't Have to 

Worry About Your Best Friend

So You Have One Less Wrinkle to Worry About

Keep Your Best Friend Safe

Everyone Agrees

This Iron is Hot

Who Says Old Dogs Can't Learn New Tricks?

How do they fit?

Over-the-back connector similar to our bestselling outdoor leggings with wider sock openings to easily slip on leggings.

Is sizing hard?

We have four sizes: XS, S, M, and L. Our adjustable chest or underarm strap ensures socks stay on when your pup lays down and gets back up. Drawstring elastic back leg openings that can be tightened to keep leggings in place.

How are they different from outdoor leggings?

Rather than the classic waterproof rubber boots, these footed leggings feature cushioned socks with silicone dots for traction on wooden and tile floors—so they’re perfect for senior dogs or injured pups who slip and slide on indoor surfaces. 

Can it reach the middle of the garment?

How is it different from a hair straightener?

Which fabrics can I use my Nori Press on?

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Use code HELPMYPUP for 20% off your order

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