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WILD Green Tea?



Steeping instructions



176 F




2-3 MIN


"As I've gotten to know the people at Wild Orchard l've come to know about the integrity behind the product like washing the leaves 4 times to wash out all the impurities. I see the commitment to organic and growing the teas regeneratively. The teas taste amazing and am a big fan of Wild Orchard."

Max Goldberg, Founder of Organic Insider

"Wild Orchard has really taken organic to the next level. Their many unique flavors of green tea amaze me on a daily basis and have turned me from a coffee lover into an avid tea drinker. Drinking Wild Orchard Green Tea every day has improved my physical and mental health."

Dr. Theresa Herbrand, M


bio-based and biodegradable tea bags.


recyclable outer box             `


made of wood pulp that is fully compostable and vegan

Our Community love

The only teas I buy now knowing I can trust how clean they are - I’ve even tried comparing teas from different companies, because I’m a person that has to see for herself. Even after all these years of drinking WOGT, whenever I see the brewed tea come out clear, I’m amazed. How all teas really should be

@Seulki M

Wow! So much flavour diversity! This tea has got layers of flavour! Most organic green teas I put a little honey in to really enjoy it... This tea is amazing with no sweetener! Regenerative is a whole new ball game of flavor and health where the sky is the limits!

@Shooting S