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Data Officer Services

Data Officer Services

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The Data Officer Services include: 

Assist in Optimizing Paid Marketing Efficiency Across Different Platforms

  • Work with MudMixer’s paid media agency to set clear data-driven marketing goals aligned with the business objectives
  • Develop a testing roadmap that allows for the reallocation of funds based on campaign performance and emerging opportunities
  • Monthly meetings with the Ads Buyer Agency to coordinate the implementation of the testing roadmap 

Identify Market Expansion Opportunities in the US/CAN

  • Conduct monthly user research interviews to identify key audiences and personas for targeting, emerging trends, customer needs, and competitive landscape.
  • Build and iterate new personas every month, build targeted ShopLanding pages driving a 30% increase in conversion over baseline.
  • Develop through hypothesis testing, potential markets based on size, accessibility, competition, and alignment with business goals.

Customer Data Analysis and Insights

  • Ongoing monitoring and testing of up to three new landing pages/month
  • Enhance existing customer database with demographic and behavioral data overlays from third-party and ShopLandingAI’s proprietary databases
  • Utilize ShopLandingAI’s proprietary model to surface high-potential audiences for expansion 
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