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ShopLandingAI by Baotris

Homepage A/B Test - MudMixer

Homepage A/B Test - MudMixer

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The ShopLandingAI team will be tasked with the below services and deliverables.

  1. Homepage & Product Page A/B testing: ShopLandingAI will run a new A/B test every 2-3 weeks to maximize profits from organic traffic, by optimizing the different UI elements of the homepage and product page
  2. Deliverables: Optimized Homepage & Product Page
  3. Project Timeline:
  • April: Set up an A/B test for the Homepage; Build test landing page;
    Start testing above the fold
  • May: Continue testing above the fold; Start testing below the fold
  • June: Finalize testing; Optimized and deliver homepage & product page

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